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Enseigner le français et l'italien avec les chansons
Marina Marino, Italy
Together. Open your eyes, the world can be better if you involve
elena deju, Romania
“We collaborate – we learn”
Gherghina Ana, Romania
" Le développement durable ... pour une planète vivante :) "
Cristina Brindusoiu, Romania
"10 x 10 x 10"
Miguel Roa Guzmán, Spain
"I nostri territori:il parco Nazionale del Pollino(Monte Caramola) e Necastle-under-Lyme"
Mango Gina Antonietta, Italy
"I speak therefore I am"
Ibolya Seressné Barta, Hungary
"Let's sing the song of joy together!"
Lukasz Widera, Poland
"We and our little homeland"
Joanna Juda, Poland
'So different, so similar'
Anna Wasko, Poland

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