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Projects are submitted to the eLearning Awards in general, not to a specific category. All entries are considered for the outstanding teachers Award and, for other Awards, evaluators identify for which categories the projects are suitable.

Categories cover different areas in teaching such as school development. eSafety issues, institutional aspects as well as pedagogical issues. Particular emphasis will be given to schools active in increasing the creative approach in teaching and learning as well as increasing the motivation of learners in the different subject areas.

The category on ‘international cooperation’ introduced in 2009 features entries from all over the world to highlight school projects from across the globe. This year we introduce a new category, the Aspect Award, which aims to award visibility and usability (particularly regarding licencing) of learning resources on local, regional or national learning resource repositories..

Categories reward the best projects with a gold, silver and bronze prize. The prizes will be received by the school or teacher training institution.

A special category will award the best teachers. They will receive a platinum prize in a special category ‘creativity and innovation’ for outstanding teachers.

The indicative categories proposed for the 2010 Awards are as follows, the final number of categories is subject to negotiation with partners:

Awards to school projects

The confirmed categories for 2010 are:

Mathematics, science and technology - Sponsored by SMART Tech

  • Best Learning Resource/Object
  • Best online or blended course
  • Best use of interactive whiteboard materials
  • A cross-curricular approach to raising awareness of climate change
  • Whole-school sustainability education
  • Best project for improving young people’s eSkills
Collaborative learning - Sponsored by ACER

  • Use of social networking tools and mobile devices in educational projects
  • Young person’s educational blog
  • Teacher’s podcast
  • Short streamed video
  • Web 2.0 learning activity
  • Best wiki
  • Digital photography and video
Outstanding teachers - Sponsored by Microsoft

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Inspiring work in the arts, culture and science
  • Use of games in learning
  • Musical performance
  • Creative approaches in teaching and learning
Teaching online safety and citizenship - Sponsored by ENISA

  • Most safety- and privacy-aware school website
  • Innovative integration of safety and privacy issues in curriculum
  • Innovative activities to develop young people’s e-safety practices
  • Best safety campaigns for parents and pupils
  • Best personal development scheme for teachers on internet safety
  • Most effective reporting and responding procedures in place on safety issues
  • Digital photography and video
Europe’s digital heritage - Sponsored by Europeana

  • Outstanding work to develop young people’s digital literacy
  • Enabling students to use learning environments
  • Promoting digital literacy
  • Best use of digital cultural content
  • Promotion of European dimension
  • Potential for use in collaborative work


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