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Guidelines for submitting projects to the eLearning Awards

Please read the guidelines below before submitting a project for the eLearning Awards. As of this year, top 50 entries of the eLearning Awards competition will also be added to the Learning Resource Exchange, a pan-European federation of learning resource repositories. This will give extra visibility to your project and give you a chance to share your work with a larger community of teachers.

Before you submit your project please make sure of the following:

  1. You have read and followed the rules.
  2. Your project is uploaded on a website, preferably a permanent server with a permanent URL which you will submit in the competition.
  3. You have a 200-word description of your project in French, English, or German. Longer descriptions can be added on your own website.
  4. As your project might also be added to the Learning Resource Exchange (top 50), you will be asked to select a Creative Commons license. A selector is available during the registration process. More information about creative commons here.
  5. Technical requirements:
  6. If you are using Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP, Vista we recommend:
    1. Internet Explorer 7 or higher
    2. Netscape 7.2 or higher
    3. Firefox 3.0 or higher
    4. Opera 7 or higher b)
  7. If you are aMac OS X user (PowerPC and Intel), we recommend:
    1. Firefox version 3.0 or higher
    2. Opera 9 or higher

    Other browsers on other Operating Systems might not offer full compatibility with the eLearning Awards 2010 Portal and registration module.

Please remember:

  1. Projects are submitted to the eLearning Awards in general, not to a specific category.
  2. All entries are considered for the outstanding teacher Award. For other Awards, evaluators identify for which categories the projects are suitable.
  3. Projects from the following countries are eligible for all categories in the eLearning Awards 2010: EEA/EFTA/EU countries; EU candidate countries (Croatia, Turkey, FYROM); Israel and Georgia.
  4. All other countries are only eligible for the ‘International Cooperation’ category.
  5. In the International Cooperation category, projects in eLearning Awards eligible languages are accepted (all 22 EU official languages (except Irish) + Icelandic, Turkish, Norwegian, and Hebrew).
  6. For all other categories, projects can be in the following languages: (all 22 EU official languages (except Irish) + Icelandic, Turkish, Norwegian, and Hebrew).
  7. Deadline for submitting your entry: 28 September 2010.
Download here a preview of the registration form.

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